Rural architecture

In peasant society, there are no clear boundaries between public and private areas.  At that time, the houses were not divided into rooms of different purposes as we are accustomed today.

Older farm houses, which are mostly found in the southern part of Mulgimaa – in Halliste, Karksi and Helme parishes - do not differ much from each other. These were primarily simple and relatively long and low log houses with a high half-hipped roof and two chimneys, some were also built of bricks (Pärdi 2012).

Mulgimaa mansion houses

Mulks were the first ones who started building modern and imposing residential houses - mansions. New houses were not built anymore by following the ancestors’ examples, as it had been done for hundreds of years with barn dwellings, instead farmers got ideas from Baltic German manor houses and urban architecture.

The houses went through extensive makeover, both, outside and inside – they became more attractive, comfortable, cleaner and spacious.