History of Mulgimaa

Map of Mulgimaa

Historical Mulgimaa

The five historical parishes of Halliste, Paistu, Karksi, Helme and Tarvastu are today divided among 10 local governments and, within the current context of Estonia, share a relatively common economic and social background. 

Today, Mulgimaa is divided among 10 municipalities: Abja, Halliste, Tarvastu, Karksi, Helme, Põdrala, Hummuli and Viljandi parishes, as well as Tõrva and Mõisaküla towns.

Flag of Mulgimaa

Mulgimaa flag was consecrated on 12 October 2013 in Tarvastu church.

The flag was designed by Tõnno Habicht  and it is flax-blue.

The design also features black colour as a symbol of traditional coats, white to symbolize light and red that depicts unique five knot lucet cord. The five knots represent five Mulgimaa parishes.