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Kivi Tourist Farm in Viljandi County

Loodi tee 33, Viljandi vald, Vardi küla, Viljandi County 71109
Kivi Tourist Farm is a pleasant and cozy place of accommodation on the northern border of Mulgimaa, in Loodi Nature Park. We connect the harmony of nature wi...

Kopra Farm

Mulgi vald, Tuhalaane küla, Viljandi County 71056
Kopra Farm is located in the midst of forests by the southern border of Viljandi County. Plenty of space allows organizing reunions and summer retreats. Good...

Kukeoja Guesthouse

Kukeoja, Viljandi vald, Vardja küla, Viljandi County 70109
At Kukeoja Guesthouse you will smell the scent of pine in the air the whole time you are here. This cosy log cabin-style building was constructed using huge ...

Männiku Forest Farm

Viljandi vald, Intsu küla, Viljandi County 69611
Männiku Forest Farm is in a beautiful natural location 10 km outside of Viljandi. We have two cosy holiday houses which can be connected if requested. There ...

Marja Farm Holiday House

Tõrva vald, Kirikuküla, Valga County 68611
Located in peaceful countryside tis holiday house is a good option for corporate events, family celebrations, seminars and summer sport camps.

Mellini Holiday Village

Mulgi vald, Leeli küla, Viljandi County 69106
Mellini Holiday Village is situated on the slopes of the Halliste ancient valley in Viljandi County - a stunning natural setting. You can go downhill skiing ...

Motel Greete

Tõrva vald, Soontaga küla, Valga County 68617
Motel Greete operates in the biggest and most unique log house in Estonia that has no square rooms – from air, the building looks like a honeycomb. The stron...

Öökulli Kalamaja on the shore of Lake Võrtsjärv

Viljandi vald, Kalbuse küla 69737
Öökulli Kalamaja is a place like no other in the world. We are located on the shore of Lake Võrtsjärv, in the middle of enchanting nature at the westernmost ...

Päikesekivi Tourism Farm

Viljandi vald, Valma küla, Viljandi County 70121
We are located near the northern shore of Lake Võrtsjärv, among forests and fields. Organise your birthday, anniversary, wedding, summer days, training, or m...

Peerna Tourist Farm

Viljandi vald, Valma küla, Viljandi County 70121
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