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Boat hire at Oiu Sadam (Oiu harbour)

Viljandi vald, Vaibla küla 70314
River Tänassilma and Lake Võrtsjärv offer wonderful opportunities to enjoy water. Oiu Sadam rents out two 4-seater rowing boats, 6 canoes, 4 kayaks, and a mo...

Canoe trip along the River Õhne in Mulgi County

Tõrva vald, Taagepera küla 68502
Canoe trip "One Day, Two Countries" starts at the upper course of the River Õhne in the vicinity of Taagepera and Holdre castle and ends on Latvian soil. The...

Disc golf at Holstre-Polli Recreation Centre

Viljandi vald, Viisuküla, Viljandi County 69607
The disc golf course runs along the hiking trails in the virgin forest of Loodi Nature Park. There are 17 baskets. You can rent discs and a map of the course...

Ice skating on the bog-pools of Rubina Bog in the historical Mulgimaa

Tõrva vald, Karjatnurme küla 68511
The tour guides will share exciting stories of nature and introduce other destinations in the vicinity which you can discover when hiking with us. The ice-sk...

Lake Riiska beach

Kuusiku tänav 1, Tõrva linn, Valga County 68607
Lake Riiska is situated by the Valga road in the south-eastern part of the town of Tõrva. The lake has shallow shores, a sandy lake bed and greenish springs....

Lake Vanamõisa

Vanamõisa tänav 9, Tõrva linn, Valga County 68606
Both locals and visitors from afar like to spend the summer by Lake Vanamõisa in Tõrva. The lake is on the edge of town by the Tõrva-Pikasilla road. The area...

Lighted boat trip on Lake Valgjärv in Koorküla

Tõrva vald, Jeti küla 68513
The lighted boat trip takes place by reservation on the mysterious Lake Valgjärv in Koorküla, Valga County. The trip takes place at sunset. It is an observa...

On a canoe in the "jungle" of the River Kõpu

Mulgi vald, Rimmu küla, Viljandi County 69505
A canoe trip on the River Kõpu starts like most others do – a narrow running river, a few fallen trees lining the water, and some maneuvering around rocky sh...

Sailboat rental on Lake Võrtsjärv

Viljandi vald, Vaibla küla, Viljandi County 70314
The largest internal water body in Estonia, the magnificent Lake Võrtsjärv, is a perfect place for learning the basics of sailing and enjoying the water. The...

Tõrva disc golf park

Aida tänav , Tõrva linn, Valga County 68606
Tõrva disc golf park has 18 baskets. The course runs mainly on forest trails, but there are also baskets on clearings.  
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