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Beach Cafe Konks

Viljandi vald, Vaibla küla, Viljandi County 70314
Beach Cafe Konks is here! We are located on the most beautiful shore of Lake Võrtsjärv and we serve the most crispy pike-perch fillet burger and the best sel...

Fish processing workshop at Öökulli Kalamaja

Viljandi vald, Kalbuse küla 69737
Öökulli Kalamaja organises interesting food-themed workshops for groups, families, and friends. We will teach you to process fish using different techniques:...

Läti Saatkond cafe

Kevade tänav 4, Tõrva linn, Valga County 68605
The friendly people operating the Läti Saatkond ('Latvian embassy') cafe make it a great place to spend time with friends, grab a quick lunch or hold a speci...

Metsarõõmu Cafe

Viljandi vald, Sultsi küla, Viljandi County 69605
Metsarõõmu Toidutare seats 50 diners in winter, with another 50 being catered for outside in the summer months. It is an ideal place to organise birthdays an...

Mulgi tavern

Pärnu maantee 14, Abja-Paluoja linn, Viljandi County 69403
The Mulgi tavern is in the heart of Abja-Paluoja, the capital of Mulgimaa. It offers comfortable surroundings and delicious, traditional Mulgi food. The tav...

POP! Cafe

Rahumäe tänav 1, Karksi-Nuia linn, Viljandi County 69103
Hot meals and cold drinks in a contemporary environment.  POP! Cafe welcomes you in the centre of the lovely South-Estonian small town of Karksi-Nuia. 

Pub Juudas

Valga tänav , Tõrva linn, Valga County 68607
Pub Judas is a mainly rock-oriented pub in Tõrva, which organises different musical and cultural events. Guests can enjoy cold drinks and delicious snacks. T...

Restaurant RUUP

Viljandi vald, Oiu küla, Viljandi County 70317
Restaurant RUUP is located in Oiu harbour, near Lake Võrtsjärv. During the summer period, from 1 May to 31 August, we are open every day. Otherwise, we only ...

Restaurant Wagenküll

Tõrva vald, Taagepera küla, Valga County 68502
Restaurant Wagenküll offers modern comfort in a historic atmosphere, as well as a view of the beautiful castle park. We have an open kitchen, which means the...

Tasting of dairy products at Pajumäe Farm

Mulgi vald, Abja-Vanamõisa küla, Viljandi County 69406
Come to Pajumäe and taste different dairy products! We offer various delicious organic products such as yoghurts, curd creams, cheese, kefir, and milk. You ...
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