The sights of Mulgimaa

The sights of Mulgimaa

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Kaljurahnu ceramic kiln

Viljandi vald, Vardja küla, Viljandi County 70109
Workshops take place every Saturday where participants can make cups, bowls, vases, or dishes. A ceramist will provide instructions, as well as all of the ne...

Karksi Church of St. Peter

Lossi tänav , Karksi-Nuia linn, Viljandi County 69104
Church is peculiar thanks to its slanting tower that due to bad soil has inclined one meter to the west. In the middle ages Karksi church life was connected ...

Karksi Manor and park

Mulgi vald, Karksi küla, Viljandi County 69104
Karksi Manor is located at the heart of Karksi, a few kilometres from the Karksi Ordensburg. Afte the Great Northen War, the Empress Jelisaveta Petrovna allo...

Karksi primeval valley and order fortress ruins

Karksi-Nuia linn, Viljandi County
Karksi valley is one of the most beautiful and famous places in Viljandimaa. Driving down along serpentine road over impounded lake Karksi appears Karksi for...

Karksi Village Museum

Mulgi vald, Karksi küla, Viljandi County 69104
The Karksi Village Museum has three rooms: a kolkhoz (collective farm) room, a grandmother's-grandfather's room and a school classroom.  The kolkhoz room dis...

Kärstna manor

Viljandi vald, Kärstna küla, Viljandi County 69702
The heart of Kärstna manor received its current appearance at the turn of the 19th century when the young lord of the manor Kurt von Anrep took over the mano...

Kolga-Jaani St. John's Church

Willem Reimani tänav 3, Viljandi vald, Kolga-Jaani alevik, Viljandi County 70301
The church dates back to the beginning of the 14th century and was probably vaulted at the end of the 14th century. The sacrament niche and ritual handwashin...

Mats Erdell Chapel in Ala Cemetery

Tõrva vald, Ala küla, Valga County 68507
Ala Cemetery is not far from Taagepera and the chapel of the first Estonian squire Mats Eredell is located in its southern end. It is also the resting place ...

Meleski Glass Museum - private collection

Viljandi vald, Meleski küla, Viljandi County 70304
Nearly 1000 glass items are displayed in this museum that was founded in 2002. The collection provides a good overview of the different glass items that have...

Mensenkampff chapel

Viljandi vald, Tarvastu küla, Viljandi County 69715
Situated close to the Tarvastu Order Stronghold is a chapel constructed in the early 19th century in Classicist style. What makes the building unique is its ...
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