The sights of Mulgimaa

The sights of Mulgimaa

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Mõisaküla Museum and a ride in a draisine

Kesk tänav , Mõisaküla linn, Viljandi County 69302
The permanent exhibition of the museum depicts the history of Mõisaküla from the time that it was founded, as well as the educational life, cultural life, an...

Monument to August Kitzberg

Viljandi maantee , Karksi-Nuia linn, Viljandi County 69104
August Kitzberg is one of the most well-know playwriters of his era. In 1990, a monument was erected to the writer, born in Viljandi county, Laatre parrish. ...

Monument to the War of Independence in Kolga-Jaani

Willem Reimani tänav , Viljandi vald, Kolga-Jaani alevik, Viljandi County 70301
The victory of the War of Independence (1918–1920) is the most important event for the Estonian people in the history of their country. As the monuments erec...

Mulgi Village Museum

Mulgi vald, Uue-Kariste küla, Viljandi County 69504
The museum is dedicated to the history of the Mulgi village in Uue-Kariste municipality. The collection include ethnographic items and materials relating to ...

Õisu Manor and Park

Mulgi vald, Õisu alevik, Viljandi County 69502
The Õisu Manor is an early classicist building which was built in the 18th-19th centuries after Empress Elizaveta Petrovna gave the manor to the widow of Adm...

Paistu Virgin Mary Church

Viljandi vald, Paistu küla, Viljandi County 69601
The first mentioning of Paistu Church takes place in relation to the Lithuanian foray in 1329. The church was probably built in the end of the 13th century. ...

Ruins of Helme Order Castle

Tõrva vald, Kirikuküla, Valga County 68611
The ruins of Helme Order Castle are situated on a steep slope by the Pärnu-Valga road. The castle is thought to have been built in the first half of the 14th...

St. Peter’s Church of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tarvastu

Mustla Kirikla 1, Viljandi vald, Porsa küla, Viljandi County 69710
There are no exact data about the time the church was built, but it is believed that it was built in the 13th century, at the same time as Tarvastu Castle. T...

Taagepera Castle

Tõrva vald, Taagepera küla, Valga County 68502
Taagepera Castle is a special place – it is a mixture of elegant and rustic milieus, history, and the present. Baron Hugo von Stryk had the impressive art no...

Tarvastu Museum

Posti tänav 52b, Viljandi vald, Mustla alevik, Viljandi County 69701
This museum, in the village of Mustla in Tarvastu municipality in Viljandi County, preserves, studies and exhibits items related to the culture and history o...
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