Strategy measures

Mulgimaa Development is one of the 26 Leader action groups active in Estonia. It was established on 4th April 2006. Mulgimaa Development is active in the area of five loval municipalities, these are: Abja, Karksi, Halliste and Paistu parish and the city of Mõisaküla. The board of Mulgimaa Development comprises of 7 members. The salaried workers in Mulgimaa Development are the managing director and the accountant.
A new period starts for Mulgimaa Development in 2009 – strategy implementation.

We have three strategy measures and these are:

The target is to promote the establishment of small entrepreneurs with a sustainable development prognosis and improving the chances of survival by decreasing the obstacles of financing possibilities availability. Creating new jobs.

The general goal of the measure is to improve the attractiveness of rural areas living environment and life quality through the increase in local activeness, partnership with other organisations and developing the non-profit sector. Through the measure, the social and economic backlog of the rural area and the outflow of the young from the community are tried to be decreased.
• to expand environmentally friendly planning in the area of activities;
• raise the environmental awareness of the community
• preserve and increase the aesthetic value of Mulgimaa landscapes;
• create living places to Mulgimaa and increase biological and scenic diversity;
• preserve the historical and cultural values of Mulgimaa landscape.

Enlivening the tourism economy in the area of activities, further developing tourism products and services, creating new jobs, increasing the growth of trend awareness, keeping young active people.