Products made in Mulgimaa

There are many good producers and craftsmen in Mulgimaa.

Tõrva Mulgi Market (Mulgi turg)  +372 5567 5019 offers local products and crafts.

Pajumäe Organic Farm +372 5664 1298, specialises in organic dairy products.

Mulgi Brewerey (Mulgi pruulikoda) +372 5029 516, offers natural and tasty craft beer.

Polli Competence Centre for Knowledge-Based Health Goods and Natural Products +372 4331458,, a unique competence centre in Estonia specializing in knowledge based health goods and natural products made of ingredients of plant origin.

Chaga Health,+372 5278 837, health goods.

Mulgi Crisps (Mulgi Krõpsud) +372 518 3721,, producer of vegetable crisps using local produce.

Säga- Aaviku Farm’s organic food, +372 5624 4850, organically produced carrot crisps, dried pumpkin snacks, dried apple snacks, juice beverages, different seabuckthorn products.

Seedri Tree Nursery +372 5345 4102, products made of berries and fruits

Tarvastu Saariku Organic Farm, +372 5663 1983, in addition to  organic cattle farming, they also produce vegetables, apples and apple juice, honey, cereals and buckwheat.

Upruse Farm +372 529 0955,, cow milk cheeses, butter, ghee and raw milk.
Seabuckthorn products +372 5053 198

Õnne Farm +372 5660 4287, winegrowing, grape wines, fruit wines

Berry Factory (Marjavabrik) +372 5558 3387, raspberries, birch sap, other garden berries

Mulgi manor honey (Mulgi-mõisa mesi), +372 5667 6234, honey, pollen, pollen ball, propolis, beeswax comb honey 

Müüri Eco-Farm, +372 5332 2513, Products: onions, beetroot, garlic, beans.  

Mulgi Madli +372 5345 5145, strawberries, raspberries, strawberry and raspberry jam and juice. Seasonal cafe open in summer time.

Morna Farm,, Andres Mets +372 506 9861, beside apples and strawberries they grow cucumbers, onions, sweet peppers and garlic. They also make fresh apple juice and dried apples of their own produce. 

Taagepera honey +372 5666 2519,

Helme maasikakasvatus OÜ (strawberry farm) , +372 5669 1568,, fruit and berry production, juices, jams,

Viinamäe Farm +372 5350 9466,, winegrowing, grape wines, black current wine, cider. 

Helen’s Cake Room (Heleni tordituba) +372 5618 6709,, we make tailor made birthday cakes, pies, barley bread and other bakery products 

Kitsevälja Farm’s Bakery, +372 5805 5985,, bakery and pastry made of organically grown ingredients.

Soosaare Farm, +372 514 8060, apples, juices, preserves

Palu Farm, , organic gardening - apples (incl. apple juice), vegetables (garlic, beans, peas, herb), herb teas (mallow tea).

Mulgimaa Marid +372 5255994, strawberries, autumn raspberries, black currants, raspberry and black currant saplings.

Madi Jaani Farm, +372 5268 880, meat products, eggs

Lillimäe Viljad,,  fruit, berry and nut farming, fruit and seeds snacks

Polli-Järve Farm, Antu Rohtla +372 4331 801, honey

Lembit Kaljura Piiri Farm +372 433 1729,, cucurbits, root crops, vegetables, potatoes, mushrooms.

Sepakõrtsi Farm, +372 5647 2887,, agricultural products, strawberries.

Oja-Raaga Farm, +372 5306 0605,, open field vegetables.

Kontsu Farm, Estonian organic potatoes, kale, red cabbage, parsnips, chives, garlic tops, rhubarb.

Food Trade, +372 5301 0206,, chopped and packages vegetables. In addition to vegetables, the selection also has fruits, berries and mushrooms.

Hummuli Agro,+372 760 0131,, agricultural company specializing  in dairy and crop production: cereals, legumes, oil seed plants.

Estplant AS, +372 76 79 966, sells Christmas trees