Mulgimaa has had a significant role in giving Estonia most prominent figures.

Almost a third of generals (Jaan Soots, Aleksander Jaakson, Paul Adolf Flower, Hans Leesment, Juhan Tõrvand, Johan Unt Laidoner, Tõnis Rotberg, Andres Larka and Gustav Jonson), and many

politicians: before the World War II, Estonia had had 27 governments (including the provisional government) and in nine cases the head of the government was from Viljandi County or Mulgimaa (Ado Birk, George Jaakson Ants Piip, Jaan Tõnisson, Friedrich Karl Akel and August Rei).

Not to mention the large number of writers, it’s hard to tell how many exactly. Certainly, we have to mentioin president Toomas Hendrik Ilves, who was the president of the Republic of Estonia from 09.10.2006 to 10.10.2016.

The president’s home Ärma farm is in Mulgimaa - Viljandi County Abja municipality Veskimäe village. The farm has belonged to the Ilves family already since 1735.


Tales about Mulks!

About the river Small-Emajõgi...
In the old days, people told a story about the river Small Emajõgi, which formed the border of Mulgimaa, and a Mulk: When a Mulk tried to swim across the river and drowned then it was an accident. But if the Mulk managed to swim to the other shore, it was a catastrophe – because then he bought all the fertile fields there!

Wedding trip…
A Mulk from Helme married a girl from Tarvastu parish. The wedding party was rich and spectacular – the guests ate and drank for three days. However, the modern times had arrived and country people had heard of a noble custom that newlyweds go to a wedding trip. 
So, the young couple decided to go to the capital for their wedding trip. But since the groom had already been to Tallinn, then the bride went alone! 

Folklorist Matthias Johann Eisen about Toome Hill (Toomemäe) and Mulks… 
He has written down the following story about self-conscious Mulks
"A man from Tartu had walked on Toome Hill and watched the ruins of the church. Then he finally said: „Who on earth has built such a wonderful building ? " A Mulk stood near there, heard and said: "What is there to know? It was a Mulk, of course. We are, after all, first in everything! "

Birth of a child…
In a large Mulgi farm, everybody was waiting for the birth of a child. Finally,  the time arrived when the baby ‘s cry could be heard from the sauna. 
The master ran into the sauna to see his first born child. When he came out of the sauna he had a big smile on his face.
The farmhand asked: “Why are you so happy?“ – „A real Mulgi farm master was born,“ answered the master.
„How did you understand that he was a Mulgi farm master?“ the farmhand asked.
„Well, he had both hands clenched into fists,“ said the master.

To the lightning…
 "The lightning struck a large tree. A Mulk says: "Sure, you have a lot of strength, but you ain’t got any money."