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Õnne farm & Vineyard

Address: Õnne Farm Morna Village Karksi 71055

Contact: +372 5660 4287,


Õnne Fam is a unique small vineyard in southern Estonia - Mulgimaa.
All visitors have chance to get hands-on experience in the vineyard and also taste local homemade wine.

Canoe trip "One Day, Two Countries"

Contact: Imre Arro +372 527 2701

Canoe trip "One Day, Two Countries" starts at the upper course of the River Õhne in the vicinity of Taagepera and Holdre castle in Mulgimaa and ends on Latvian soil.

The river flows along a course that is interrupted by rapids and is partly surrounded by forests and fields.

When combining several 3–7 km stretches of river, it becomes a 30 km canoe trip that lasts from an hour to an entire day and complements a summer holiday, birthday or company summer retreat perfectly.

Come on a canoe trip along the River Õhne – you find a lot to admire and discover here!

This is a tourism product that has been awarded EHE quality mark (Genuine and Interesting Estonia).

Bogshoe hike in Rubina swamp and bog in Mulgimaa

Contact: Imre Arro +372) 527 2701,


Rubina is the largest, most valuable and best-preserved bog in the area that nature enthusiasts know for its many bird species.

We hike from the moss-covered swamp to a swamp island that is covered in gigantic trees. There we will have a picnic.

During the entire hike, we are surrounded by swampy landscape, many waterbodies of the swamp, swamp islands and the traces of animal and bird life.

The hike that lasts 3–4 hours covers up to 6 km of bog. Everyone who can move on foot in the winter can walk with bogshoes in the swamp.

This is an EHE product (Genuine and Interesting Estonia tourism service mark).

Wedding at Taagepera Castle

Address: Taagepera Castle Taagepera Village Mulgimaa


Taagepera Castle is an exceptional place – it combines elegance and a rural setting, history and modernity. It is a place where you can hold a grandiose wedding or celebrate privately – with just the two of us. Follow your dreams and make this day unforgettable for all those closest to you.

A successful wedding day involves many people and details. We are here to offer everything necessary for making your wedding day perfect. We will help you find a great wedding emcee, enthralling musicians, a professional photographer, delightful flower arrangements, a majestic horse-drawn carriage and everything else you have been dreaming of!

Taagepera Castle has been voted the best wedding venue in Estonia for the last eight years.